IoT Partners honorable mention in ideas contest by the city of Boston

Iot Partners, in partnership with Field and Leers Weinzapfel Associates received an honorable mention in the ideas contest by the city of Boston, USA "Public Space InvitationalThe City of People, Places, and Things" (link).

Calm Spots is about creating places within our busy lives where we can find some mental space. Calm Spots uses our everyday public infrastructure, our benches on the street or even bus stops, to actively help people find that calm space. Every calm spot consists of simple vinyl decals placed on the floor and on the sitting surfaces, a small “beacon” that sends notifications to people’s smartphones, and the Calm Spots App. This App includes: three 10 min meditation podcasts, a map with the other Calm Spots locations in Boston, and social media interaction. Each beacon can also contain a sound and temperature sensor to gather information about its surroundings and make it available through the App (see budget). This way, if you are considering going to another Calm Spot you would know if that place was going to be noisy or quiet, warm or not-so-warm


IoT Partners manages the technical side of the project, with the design and implementation of the beacons, based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  and the App for smartphones Calm Spots App.

Diploma de finalista amb menció d’honor

Certificate of excellence

Awards ceremony

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