Sucess Story at Jornada IoT SmartCAT

En the first Jornada IoT SmartCAT: Caos d'èxit de la Internet de les Coses a Catalunya IoT Partners presented its success history TrashTrack (link).

Màrius Montón presentant el cas d'èxit

Màrius Montón presentando el caso de éxito

The objectives on this project si to monitor using a GPS device urban and industrial solid wastes in order to analyze the dynamics and paths they run and how these distances present a dependency with the type of the material to be recycled and the geographical area. The intention is to rate the different recycling strategies: a balance between the distance the travel and the best treatment they can receive.


We designed a small device to track the solid wastes using a GPS module with an active antena to enhance the coverage. In the communication part we are using SIGFOX technology. This wireless communication technology allows sending small packets to a cloud server with a very low power consumption. Currently all Iberian peninsula has good coverage.

Data presentation is performed using different strategies, first of all an adaptive web for computers, tablets and smartphones. We also implemented a Telegram bot, to easy access to citizens can subscribe to the bot and receive localization in real time. There is an option to export all the data to a GIS (Geographic Information System) for its analysis.

Bot de telegram enviando las localizaciones

Telegram bot

Ejemplo de visualización via web


In this first session other IoT companies has presented its success histories (programa).

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